After the thrilling excitement of Hello Word Open 2014 that has been going on for the last few months, we are proud to announce the amazingly talented Tomasz Zurkowski, Piotr Zurkowski and Wojciech Jaskowski of team Need for C from Poland as the winners of the first ever coding world championship! Congratulations on behalf of all the organizers behind HWO 2014 from all our hearts!

The team to win the silver medal was Itarama from Brazil, consisting of Luca Mattos Möller and Diego Holanda and the third place was conquered by Resocar from Finland, their bot coded by Pekka Kujansuu, Markku Velinen and Jere Sanisalo. Congratulations for your amazing coding work, Itarama and Resocar! It was a tight contest to right up to the last seconds of the last race and the best were only separated by a few blinks of an eye.

Hello World Open 2014 has been an unforgettable experience for everyone involved and truly an amazing display of phenomal coding skills from competitors all around the world! All this spirit has escalated to this ever-memorable evening that everyone who participated will never forget. It is thrillingly heartwarming to see how coding can bring together such a vast amount of incredibly talented people in a fair, warm sporting spirit to enjoy the joys of coding under the same roof.

Thank you once again for all the competitors and everyone involved - we have all together shown that the star of coding has lit up on the sky among the more traditional sports events and it has come here to stay!

Thank you and good night!


The Game is On!

Dear coders and coding-minded people around the world, the first official coding world championships ever are well on their way! If you are not watching it yet, tune in the HWO 2014 live stream here! Good luck and may the best bot and the team behind the bot win!

The mood and the excitement here at Cable Factory venue are literally through the roof and we can’t wait to see who will be the winner of this gut wrenching coding thriller!

Photos by Tuomas Sauliala.


Time for the Finals

The doors here at Cable Factory have just opened for the audience half an hour ago and the atmosphere is trickling with excitement! Only half an hour left to the start of the Hello World Open 2014 finals!

The competitors have had a busy day, meeting the international as well as the Finnish press and many of the competitors have still been making last minute adjustments to their code in the past few hours.

Luckily some have also found the time to enjoy all the other games and activities the Cable Factory has to offer today in the midst of their other

Currently, final setting up of the stage and the game system is taking place before the finals venue will be opened to the audience.

Remember to tune in for the HWO 2014 finals live stream at 19.45 (GMT +3)!

The first picture and the second set of pictures by Tuomas Sauliala.


The (other) games we play

Cannot believe this is actually happening. Hello from the actual finals! 

The facilities at the Cable Factory are rather awesome. I daresay no visitor is given a chance to get bored during the breaks.

Hello World Open is a virtual car race. The final event wouldn’t be complete without giving the crowd a chance to get competitive with some games of their own. 




Racing through the miniature city on miniature tracks.



Classics simply don’t die. Ever. 

An hour left ‘til it is ON!

Photos by Tuomas Sauliala

- Siru

Games First Helsinki 2014

The venue here at Cable Factory, Helsinki, is all ready and set to go for the Hello World Open 2014 finals! The earlier part of the day was dedicated to Games First Helsinki 2014 - an event which gathered game developers all around the under the same roof.

The program included an exhilirating talk on Free-To-Play game design by Touko Tahkokallio and Jonas Collaros from Supercell, a truly insightful panel moderated by Oscar Clark between Antti Ilvessuo (Redlynx), Jami Laes (Rovio Entertainment), Jouni Mannonen (Mountainsheep) and Lasse Louhento (Supercell) followed by a host of the most exciting three minute game pitching speeches!

Here’s a little glimpse of the joyous Games First atmosphere:


Hello World Open 2014 Prizes

With the finals less than four hours away, it is about time to reveal how the winners will be awarded - besides the obvious fame and glory, of course!

Hello World Open 2014 will be the first competition ever to reward the top three competitors with the world’s first 3D-printed medals! Check out the amazing medal design here:

The first prize of the competition will be a cheque of 5,000 euros, the second prize a cheque of 3,000 euros and the third prize a cheque of 2,000 euros! Every member of the team to make it to the fourth place will be awarded with a Nokia 1520 mobile phone and every member of the teams to make it to the fifth and sixth place will get a pair of Genelec speakers.

Furthermore, every member of all the participating teams will be awarded with Reaktor Dev Day tickets and a Finnish design Fiskars axe.



Here are the links to the English version of the live stream of this evening’s HWO 2014 finals broadcast! Below is a schedule for the evening - the times are GMT +3 (Finnish time).

Link to the Live Stream


The start of the race being merely fifteen minutes away, all the eight participating teams will be introduced to the audience. Meet the amazing coding wizards around the world, truly the toughest of the toughest, who have made their way for this final coding showdown.


Get ready to rumble as the finalists start their engines and push the pedal to the metal when the red lights go off, marking the beginning of the first race in the finals and the most exhilirating coding sports event ever!


The first part of the finals end. At this halfway breaking point, six victorious teams will continue to the last part of the finals, racing only for victory, while two teams will drop out after the first part of this knee-trembling display of code-fuelled virtual racing drama.


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for - the racing ends and the champion team of the champions, the team to win Hello World Open 2014 will be finally revealed to the audience and to the whole world!


The trophy ceremony during which the winning team of Hello World Open 2014 will rightfully reclaim their place atop the podium will take place! Prepare to follow the freshly awarded winning team in their well-earned victory celebrations.



The official program of the evening will end.

Sneak peek pictures from the finals venue at Cable Factory

Today is the day we have all been waiting for - it is time for the final showdown of the HWO 2014 finals! Yesterday, the finalists and the HWO crew spent time at finals venue, Cable Factory in Helsinki, in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly for today. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from yesterday at the Cable Factory to raise your excitement for today!

After the preparations, the finalists set out to enjoy a well earned break in a traditional Finnish sauna to get their coding muscles relaxed for today, for the thrilling world finals of the Hello World Open 2014!


Finalists in Helsinki

All the participating finalist teams arrived to Helsinki during the weekend safe and sound. Although preparations for the big day tomorrow are at hand, the finalists have had a chance today to enjoy the beautiful, sunny Helsinki! Here’s a few photos of the HWO 2014 finalists getting acquainted with the capital of Finland.